From Mother Pippa 6.27.2023

THANK YOU! Strawberry Fest was completely and delightfully a success, and that is because of YOU! I had been fretting over the uncontrollables (mainly the weather), but you all pulled together and created something amazing! From parking lot attendants, to dessert servers, to grillers, to runners, to ticket sellers, to advertisers, to participants, we worked incredibly hard and were blessed with an awesome event. We served (roughly) 385 grilled meals, 244 servings of shortcake, 241 shakes, 140 servings of schaum torte, 87 servings of rum cake, 82 sundaes and 67+ boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries. The Bake Sale alone took in over $1000. While we still need to pay all of our bills, we brought in $12,782.46 on Sunday, much of which will go on to support the Haiti Partnership. That is absolutely fantastic, thank you!

I hope you were able to rest and relax and refresh after all that hard work. Strawberry Fest of course depends upon our leaders (a big thank you to John Wolf and Tom Arndorfer for taking the lead), but we also rely on every single member. I hope you rested with the peace of the righteous, Strawberry Fest was a huge success.

Sunday is a healing Sunday. Following both services, you are welcome to come up for healing prayer. Do you ever wonder about how the names in our prayers are added? You can email Lynn ( or write them down in the book kept by the baptismal font.

I am heading out for vacation after Sunday’s services. I will return July 16. In the meantime, Father Scott Seefeldt and Deacon Chuck have agreed to cover any pastoral care needs. You can contact the office to get their phone numbers. I am looking forward to spending time with my family in Minnesota before returning for outdoor worship on July 16!

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa


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