From Mother Pippa 6.29.2021

Big thanks to the Strawberry Fest Team for a very successful event! Jane P, Kim S, Craig B, JR & Marit F, Mary Alice E and Barb R organized a wonderful event, and we raised $3457.64 for the Haiti Project!

Our next fun event is St. Mary’s Day, coming on August 15! It is the feast of the Assumption, and we will celebrate with a fun potluck event. We will have a single service at 9 a.m. so everyone can celebrate the Blessed Mother and our wonderful congregation together. Remember, there are bonus points for items that are blue, circular or have fruit and herbs in them.

This week Mary-Beth and I painted swatches on the Parish Hall in preparation for painting the exterior of the Parish Hall. The hope is to keep the building’s profile quite discreet, but to pick a color that will mesh well with the church. When we connect the two buildings, it will make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Your Building Team met with the architect last week, and we hope to have updates to share sometime this summer. We are looking at the engineering required to connect the Parish Hall with the Church and making sure we take the time to ensure it is a useful and sturdy design that will last for quite some time. We are still planning to share building designs with you, but want to make sure that we have answers to likely questions from the architects and engineers before we do. I still am hoping to have a flyer to share this summer, with a potential All Parish meeting in September.

We officially elected Bishop Jeff Lee as our Provisional Bishop this weekend. Convention met online and voted to elect Bishop Lee as our Provisional Bishop for two years, or until we elect a new permanent Bishop. Stay tuned for more information on the Bishop’s search.

I myself am on vacation this week, but I wish you a very happy July 4th, full of fun, friends and family. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and stay safe.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa

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