From Mother Pippa 11.15.2022

Happy Christ the King Sunday! Lectionary Year C draws to a close, meaning that we will soon be reading predominantly from Matthew’s Gospel and say goodbye to Luke’s Gospel. Living in a democracy that said goodbye to a monarchy 250 years ago, it is worth considering what it means to claim Christ as our King. Pope Pius XI instituted this feast after World War I, reminding Christians that despite the diplomacies and wars of our nations, we are bound together under one leadership, Christ’s. It is He who sets our laws, judges our behavior and to whom we owe allegiance. It’s a strong way to close the liturgical year.

Sunday we will string up lights following both services, symbolically and literally shining a light in the darkness as we move into Advent. Please dress for the weather and stick around after the service to hang lights on the playground, bushes, trees and Chapel.
Should you prefer to help set up indoors, we could use volunteers to move the Advent Wreath out of the basement and change out the banner in the church.

On Thanksgiving Day we will have Holy Communion at 9 a.m. Start your day of fellowship, community and gratitude with a meal at the Lord’s Table. Feel free to bring your family and friends – all are welcome.

Finally, on November 27 we will move into the preparation of Advent. As we await Jesus’ coming, we prepare. We light candles, pray, and show our love to one another. The King is coming, make straight the pathways.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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