From Mother Pippa 8.7.2019

From Mother Pippa


This Sunday at 9 a.m. is our celebration of our patron saint, the Blessed Mother of Jesus. As the only St. Mary’s in the Diocese of Milwaukee, I hope we truly live it up. Remember to wear something blue (in honor of Mary) and to bring something tasty to share, especially if it is round, blue, has fruits/herbs, or bonus points if it has all three. I look forward to seeing you there (at 9 a.m., don’t forget!)

St. Mary’s courageous “yes” to God is hopefully inspirational to us all, as is the mostly ignored ministry of raising God as child and adult. Saying “yes” to God was not the easiest path Mary could have taken and I am awe-struck by the faith and belief she showed in giving up control of her own life and trusting in God’s plan.


Speaking of acting to build up the kingdom of God, I want to thank everyone who has donated so far to the Kettle Moraine Food Pantry. We have been taking the food to the pantry every couple weeks or so, and our last donation weighed 150 pounds! You still have three more Sundays to buy food and drop it off in the Narthex for the pantry. I am so glad that we run this ministry during the summer, which can often be a leaner time for food pantries.


Last Sunday I met with your Community Life Team, and I am delighted by the care and energy they bring to the fellowship events at St. Mary’s. This is the team that helps organize the St. Mary’s festivities, as well as managing Game Night, Friendship & Stranger Dinner Groups and so much more. If you have ideas or would like to get involved, please talk to myself or to Laurie, our new leader.


Starting in September I will offer healing prayer following both services on the first Sunday of the month (except in October when we will push that back a week). If you would like to receive healing prayer, please come to the altar following the service and stand or kneel. When I come by, please share as much of your prayer request as you would like, and then I will pray for you and anoint you with oil blessed by the Bishop.


Finally, I have heard more reports of people receiving emails that claim to be from me. Please let me be clear – I will never ask for money via email. Yes, stewardship is coming up, but I will never ask you for money via email. Please do not respond, and never send your credit card or debit card information over email.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa