From Mother Pippa 7.24.2019

Join us to celebrate Deacon Esther this Sunday – bring a dish to share and say thank you and bon voyage to our wonderful Esther! She is heading off to Virginia Theological Seminary with all our prayers and best wishes as she takes this next step towards the priesthood.


Your Vestry has been hard at work, here are some updates:

In July the Vestry approved a job description for a part time paid Christian Ed Director. My hope is to hire someone to plan and teach Children’s Liturgy of the Word each week as well as monthly Youth Group. Please talk to Mother Pippa if you know someone who might be interested in the position. We do also need volunteers to help out with Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Youth Group or seasonal events. If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know.

The Vestry is responsible for the raising of funds at St. Mary’s, and so there is now a short Fundraising Form for anyone who would like to run a fundraiser at St. Mary’s. The goal is not to add on more paperwork, but to give the Vestry a clearer picture of what fundraisers are happening throughout the year. Forms can be found outside the office.

Going forward, the Vestry will also be more actively involved in counting after church. Best practices state that two people who are not related by blood or marriage should count the money after church. My hope is that by adding a Vestry member to our counting teams we will implement better financial controls and also protect our counters from any liability. This is an important job that is scheduled for once a month. If you feel able to volunteer, please let me know.


Finally, St. Mary’s Day is August 11 at 9 a.m.!!! Please join us at our joint service and wear blue to honor our patron saint. We will have a joyous celebration following the service, please bring a dish to share. You get extra points if it’s: blue (for Mary); circular (for the incarnation); or has fresh fruits or herbs (for the Feast of the Assumption). Double points if you do two or more!


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa