The Rev. Philippa E. Lindwright


I was born in Palo Alto, California and baptized on Pentecost at All Saints Episcopal when I was two and a half weeks old. We moved to Oregon when I was a year old, and I grew up at Church of the Good Samaritan in Corvallis, Oregon. I have always been actively involved in church. At three years old I started singing in the Children’s Choir. At four I started ushering. At six I started acolyting since I was told I was too young to usher. In middle school I volunteered in the nursery and was active with the Youth Group. I was confirmed at Good Samaritan my sophomore year of high school, which incidentally was the first time someone suggested I might be called to the priesthood. I believe I told my priest something to the effect of, “No offense, but why would anyone want to do that?” Little did I know…

We moved to Minnesota that summer, and started attending St. Christopher’s in Roseville, Minnesota. There I joined the Youth Group, Adult Choir and Altar Guild. My senior year of high school I started feeling two conflicting calls. On the one hand, I took AP Psychology and became convinced that I wanted to be a psychologist. On the other, I started to feel more and more like God was calling me to be a priest.

I attended college at Earlham in Richmond, Indiana and majored in psychology.  I had a deal with God – if I still felt called to the priesthood after I finished my degree, I would look into the ordination track. By my second year of college I was in formal discernment. I attended St. Paul’s in Richmond during college and even became a college representative on their Vestry.

After graduating, I needed about one more year to finish my discernment process, and so I applied to be an AmeriCorps volunteer in Minneapolis. I spent a year working for a non-profit that specializes in reintegrating felons into the community. It was a very valuable experience and gave me insight into the criminal justice system both generally and in Minnesota.

For seminary I attended Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I greatly enjoyed my time there, and served as Head Sacristan my second and third years. Liturgy has always been a particular love of mine. My first year of seminary I attended Christ Church Cambridge, and sang with their choir. My next two years I served as a seminarian at Church of Our Saviour in Brookline.

After graduating I applied to churches all over the nation and was called as curate to St. Bart’s in Beaverton. I have served here for the last six and a half years with joy and gratitude. I started to feel that it was time for the next step last November, and while I read many parish profiles, St. Mary’s immediately stood out.

I am humbled and blessed to be called as your rector, and greatly look forward to meeting you all!

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