All Saints Day Evensong Service

St. Mary's will be celebrating All Saints Day on Sunday, October 28th at 6:00 pm. On the weeks preceding this Sunday there will be two binders in the church with symbols of Saints. Some of them are very simple (three circles for St. Nicholas) and some very complex. We are asking you (the week before October 28th) to take one of the symbols home and carve that symbol into a pumpkin (just as we would a scary face for Halloween) and bring it to the church on Sunday morning. At 6:00 pm we ask you to return to the church for a celebration of All Saints Evensong that will be done by the light of these brightly shining symbols. All of the saints in light that have gone before us shall also surround us. We believe in eternal life, that is, life is not ended but transformed in the form of another dimension. Therefore, we know that the light of God’s saints whom we see no more and, yet, are present and forever surrounds us. Those who are living and those who have died will be present with us as we praise God in evening hymns, litany and prayers. It may sound strange and different, however, it is something very meaningful and an activity that brings families and individuals together to remember the witness of those who surround us.