Sexton Position Opening

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Job Description: Church Sexton 


The sexton will be responsible for cleaning, light maintenance duties, minor repairs to the church buildings and grounds and other tasks such as setting up and moving of furniture, etc. as designated and assigned. This is an essential service to the church in that it provides a clean, comfortable, safe environment to promote the mission of the church.


The sexton will report to and be supervised by the Junior Warden and/or the Chair of the Buildings & Grounds Committee.  In addition, the Parish Administrator will assist and coordinate the Sexton’s weekly scheduled responsibilities based on the upcoming parish events.


Ideally, the sexton will work 15 hours per week.  Occasionally additional hours may be required by the church to aid in special events and circumstances. The sexton will be notified of these in advance and compensated at the regular hourly rate.


The position will have an annual performance review performed by the Senior Warden. 


Basic Qualifications

  • A knowledge of and skill in cleaning procedures and processes, products and equipment.
  • Knowledge, or the ability to acquire knowledge of basic building maintenance. 
  • Ability to perform basic repairs and safely use the tools to do so.
  • A demonstrated awareness of surroundings and the ability to translate that to carry through on what needs to be done or problems that need to be addressed as they relate to the building and property.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Physically fit and able to lift and carry items up to 50 lbs, work from a tall ladder, kneel squat and stand to perform duties.
  • Due to the location of the church the sexton must have access to their own transportation.
    The sexton will be responsible for the weekly cleaning of the Church, Chapel and Parish Hall.  Cleaning duties will include, among other things: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping of floors; dusting and wiping down of various surfaces; moving furniture; cleaning windows; taking out trash and recycling, thorough cleaning of bathrooms, shampooing of carpets as needed, etc. 
    Maintenance will include: changing of batteries and light bulbs (within reach of a ladder); updating clocks, changing filters, painting, trimming outside plantings, light repairs and other duties as they arise. 

Whenever and wherever possible, the Sexton should encourage and welcome the talents and skills of parish volunteers in the performance of the Sexton’s duties.  With the guidance of the Junior Warden and Parish Administrator identify those parish members who may assist in the care, maintenance and repair of parish facilities.  

For more job details, all interested parties should contact Carl Eschweiler via email at or by phone at 414-217-6564.