From Mother Pippa 11.10.2020

Thank you to everyone who has picked up a bottle or two of juice from the Parish Hall or bought some coffee. We still have some juice available (both apple and cranberry) as well as fourteen bags of Vienna coffee for $6.95 a bag.

Do you have beloved Advent traditions to share with St. Mary’s? Please let me know. I’m putting together a collection of carols, stories, traditions and reflections for the St. Mary’s Advent calendar. Each day we’ll post a video to Facebook and YouTube as a way to stay in touch during the Advent season. Advent begins on Sunday, November 29.

To prepare for Advent we will be lighting the church on Sunday, November 22 following the drive-in service. If you are able to stay and help put up Christmas lights, you would be most welcome. Advent and Christmas are going to look different from years past, an unfortunately all too familiar theme. However, I believe that we can come together and still find opportunities for hope, faith, joy and love as we prepare for the incarnation.

As Covid rates in Wisconsin rise and as we experience a nation divided over politics, please feel free to call, email, or set up a time for you to come talk to me, or for me to go visit you. I am doing my best to socially distance so that I can be here for you all, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have all faced a number of impossible challenges this year, and I want to be here to support you.

St. Mary’s continues to help make our community a better, stronger place as we collect gifts for the kids at Lad Lake. Please consider donating either a gift or two or the resources the purchase them. We are gathering the gifts through December 15. A list can be found in your bulletin or on our website.

Finally, when you mail things to church, please use our PO Box #126. We received notice from the Post Office this week that items addressed to our street address rather than our PO Box will be returned to sender starting at the end of this month. Remember, if you are mailing something to church, we are PO Box #126 in Dousman.

Prayer and Blessings,
Mother Pippa