From Mother PIppa 10.13.2020

This Saturday is our last Adopt a Highway cleanup for 2020. Join us at 9 a.m. on the southeast corner of Highway 67 and Delafield road. It’s a beautiful two-mile stretch. Thank you to Jim for organizing and to everyone who has helped keep our roads a little cleaner.

We continue to work on the process for online worship. It seems that our internet is not reliable enough to stream directly. Instead, we will record the service, and then post it to Facebook and YouTube. The service should be available by 9 a.m. Sunday mornings. Thank you for your patience.

Advent is coming, and I am hoping to hear from you! In particular, I’m wondering how much interest there is in participating in:

  1. A St. Mary’s Daily Advent Reflection – We need 27 parishioners to write a reflection about light in darkness – whether actual or metaphorical. These would be emailed out as a pdf, mailed to those who request them, and posted daily on Facebook.
  2. St. Mary’s Facebook Advent Calendar – We would post Christmas stories or traditions on Facebook each day. Whether that is reading The Donkey’s Dream or talking about leaving your shoes out for St. Nicholas, we thought it might a fun way to mark the days. If you have a book or tradition to share, please contact me. You don’t have to be willing to read it online (though you would be very welcome to do so).
  3. Advent Quiet Day on Zoom – While I am open to hearing more ideas, the current thought is to have people sign up for the Quiet Day; mail them the materials; gather on Zoom for Morning Prayer and then break into quiet time at home; and close with noon day prayer on Zoom.

The survey can be found at:

I forgot to mention it last week, but at Diocesan Convention I was elected to serve on the Diocese’s Executive Council. The Executive Council serves as a sort of Vestry for the Diocese. They carry out the policies and programs; oversee the financial affairs of the diocese; prepare the budget; receives and make long-range policy and program recommendations to Diocesan Convention. I am excited to join this team and learn more about the Diocese at the same time. This is different from Standing Committee (which Father Scott is the president of!) in that Standing Committee serves as the Ecclesiastical Authority in the absence of a Bishop. While we have an Interim Bishop, the Standing Committee will take over some of Bishop Miller’s duties, and they are also closely involved in the hiring of the new Bishop.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa