From Mother Pippa 10.6.2020

From Mother Pippa

Thank you to the Fall Fest Team! See above.

It was such fun to see people’s dogs and cats join them for service this Sunday! I hope your pet has been particularly well-behaved and loving this week as a result of their blessing.

If you have been trying to join us for service on Zoom, it will not be a surprise to hear that we’ve been struggling. Starting this week, the service will be streamed to our Facebook page ( at 8 a.m. and posted to our YouTube page ( at 9 a.m. You can then watch the service on YouTube or Facebook any time afterwards. We are continuing to offer 10 a.m. drive-in service with Eucharist every Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who is volunteering at the Gathering this weekend! We help serve food three times a year, but the Gathering provides ten to eleven free meals each week, cooked on site at four Milwaukee locations, to those who would otherwise go hungry. They also offer services associated with ending hunger and homelessness and work to educate our community on hunger issues. Thank you to Jim and his team for letting us share in this work.

Finally, I realize that Advent is a month and a half away, but as we will likely still be dealing with Covid and the accompanying restrictions, I’d like to propose an Advent Daily Reflection, written by the people of St. Mary’s. The theme this year is “Light in Darkness.” After all, Advent occupies some of the shortest days of the year, while we prepare for God’s light to break into the world. If you would like to write a reflection or two, please let me know. I am thinking that each reflection should be about 300 – 400 words long. Hopefully in reading the voices of other parishioners during Advent, we will find some light in the current darkness, and some hope for the future.

Additionally, should you have ideas for how we can make Advent a special and holy time for the parish, please let me know. I appreciate the wisdom and creativity we have in this parish, and would be delighted if you have any ideas to share.

Prayers and Blessings,

Mother Pippa