From Mother Pippa 9.29.2020

This Saturday we raised money for the Western Lakes Fire Department with pie! Thank you to Noelle and her team for this creative Fall Fest, and special thanks to Maggie, Jane and Elizabeth who led teams to bake the pies! Stay tuned to learn how much we raised this year.

This Sunday is the Feast of St. Francis and we will offer a Pet Blessing during the online and drive in services. Feel free to hold your pets up to your screen, bring pets in your car, or bring photos or stuffed animals to be blessed. St. Francis is known for honoring the image of God that is found in all creation, and working to honor and protect the more voiceless members of that awesome creation.

Mark your calendars, we are volunteering at the Gathering on Saturday, October 10 and doing our last highway cleanup on Saturday, October 17. If you are planning to volunteer for one or both, please let Jim know, or you can email me or the office. The Gathering is providing sack lunches for food-insecure people in Milwaukee, and we help out by packing the lunches and assembling the hot lunch portion into Styrofoam cartons. Our highway cleanup will be the last one of the year, so we want to get everything tidy before the winter snow falls.

Finally, this is the second week of our Stewardship Campaign. I hope you received a letter this week with more information, as well as a pledge card. If you did not, please let me know. This has been a most unexpected year, and that has been the source of anxiety for many people. It is tempting to hunker down and wait to see how things will settle, but I would ask you to pray deeply about what you might be able to offer. St. Mary’s exists because of each and every one of you. We would not be possible without all the wonderful people who make up this community, but we also rely on the financial support of each member. I am so blessed every day to be a part of this amazing group of people, and tithe to help keep it going. If you would like to talk to me about your pledge, please send me an email or call me. Money can be awkward to talk about, but it is a physical representation of our time and talent that we can offer to God. Making that offer intentional and faithful is worth an awkward conversation, in my opinion.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa