From Mother Pippa 9.22.2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for drive-in/radio church this Sunday! If you have any comments about how we can do better, I’d be delighted to hear them, and I want to thank everyone who made the day possible. In particular, I’d like to thank Morgan, Mary-Beth, Brian, and Bill who helped figure out the set up; Mary-Beth and Morgan for directing traffic; Bill and Julie for ushering; JR for reading; Carrie for the beautiful music; Tom for music communication support (I can’t see Carrie and she can’t see me to know when to start or stop playing); Sally and Outreach for the Family Promise donation options; Laurie and Community Life for the hand sanitizer; and the Venerable Deacon Chuck for loaning us his canopy, helping with set up and being the best deacon ever! Also thank you to everyone who helped clean up following the service. If I am missing someone, I sincerely apologize, you are deeply valued and my brain is simply not working at its peak.

This Sunday we begin our Stewardship program, which will be similar to, but slightly adjusted, from programs of years past. We will still have parishioners writing testimonials about what stewardship means to them, we will still send out a letter to the parish, and we will still spend time thinking and praying about our financial commitment to God and to the mission of St. Mary’s. Pledge cards will be sent to your home, along with addressed return envelopes. You can bring your pledge card to drive-in church on Pledge Sunday, October 25, or you can mail it to us beforehand. On October 25 I plan to make fudge as a giveaway and thank you for your support of St. Mary’s.

Finally, make sure you get your pie orders in! We have delicious apple pie and pumpkin pie selling for $20 a pie all for the Western Lakes Fire Department. You can order by calling the office, and pie pick up is Saturday, October 3 from 3-5 p.m. There are still opportunities for sponsorship, and if you’d like to help sponsor Fall Fest, please contact Noelle.

Thank you, people of St. Mary’s. I have the best job in the world and fell so very blessed to follow Jesus with you all.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa