From Mother Pippa 8.5.2020

We could really use one or two more people to help with the Gathering on August 15. They are gathering from 10 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. to distribute sack lunches. This is a wonderful way to care for hungry people in our state, and if you are interested, please contact Jim L.
Additionally, if you are planning to join us for Adopt a Highway on August 22, please email Jim or myself. It helps us plan for the day. I had so much fun in May and am looking forward to another morning spent walking along beautiful Highway DR (Delafield Road) and helping keep it cleaner for everyone.

I have been taking Home Communion to people these last couple weeks. And while the masks and social distancing gives it a different feel, it’s been very meaningful to share Holy Communion with parishioners. If you would like Home Communion, please let me know.

This Monday (August 10) is your last chance to sign up for the St. Mary’s Day gift exchange! We will be dropping off gifts on people’s doorsteps as we celebrate our saint’s day. August is also the month that the cornerstone of the chapel was laid – 150 years ago!

The Diocesan services continue, and in case you are interested, I will be preaching August 16 and 30 and presiding August 23. Since August 16 is St. Mary’s Day, the sermon for the Diocese will be different from the sermon I preach for St. Mary’s. Fortunately, the Diocesan services are recorded on Thursdays, so there is no conflict for the St. Mary’s Sunday services.

Finally, we are approaching our Stewardship Campaign, and I am looking for people interested in either writing about stewardship or speaking at a Sunday service. I find I learn more about my own story and theology when telling others about it, and I am more moved by personal tales of faith and generosity than sleek brochures. This is a powerful opportunity for evangelism, as well as a way of giving of your time and talent for the building up of this marvelous community. If you would like to know more, please get it touch.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa