From Mother Pippa 7.22.2020

I am delighted to announce that last week the Standing Committee approved Esther Kramer to be ordained to the priesthood! Esther’s ordination is scheduled for Thursday, August 6 at noon. You can watch the service on facebook at: I know that I speak for the parish when I say congratulations and blessings to Esther on this most special occasion!

When we started online services, I admit I was nervous. Would people still attend? Would our numbers drop? Would people drift away? I am delighted to say that attendance is quite strong. We had 132 people watch our service from last Sunday, and since June 14, we have been averaging 98.7 for our Sunday attendance! That is significantly higher than our Summer average, and even higher than our average for 2019. We have also heard from parishioners who are out of state and able to attend St. Mary’s services, as well as former parishioners who are joining us once again. Thank you to Tom A., our “junior” IT guy, for helping so many people connect on Sundays!

Some of you know that I had a Covid test last week, and I am delighted to say that I tested negative. I continue to social distance so that I can visit parishioners without risking their health. Thank you to everyone who wears masks when stopping by the office – Lynn and I both really appreciate it!

We are still planning to exchange gifts on St. Mary’s Day – so please sign up! There are all kinds of creative ways to leave a happy, uplifting, St. Mary inspired gift on someone’s doorstep. This might be an icon with a prayer, some blue cookies or rosemary bread. Or something else that you think of! We will be exchanging gifts on August 16, so please sign up by August 10.

We are also hoping to put out a history of St. Mary’s to celebrate 150 years since the chapel cornerstone was laid. If you have stories about when you arrived at St. Mary’s, special events or services, or an example of what St. Mary’s means to you, please contact Kathy M. or Carol M. Our history is not only what happened 150 years ago, it is also what is happening now.

Finally, I received a lovely email from the Day by Day this week. I hadn’t realized, but if you email the company at you can sign up for their daily email. It’s completely free, and this way you do not miss out on the daily reflections.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa