From Mother Pippa 7.15.2020

Summer is always an odd season for the church, and this year is even odder than normal. While normally we face smaller services as people travel and enjoy the outdoors, right now we are actually having high attendance – 106 people joined us for last Sunday! Of course, worshipping online is not as rich as worshipping as a gathered community, but I am glad that we are making this sacrifice to keep people safe. It is an amazing gift of love that we offer to one another, and I am so awed and humbled by the people of St. Mary’s as you continue to make this work.

This week your Vestry had the honor and privilege of endorsing Deacon Esther for ordination to the priesthood! She met on Tuesday with the Standing Committee, and hopefully we will soon have an ordination date to put on our calendars. I cannot think of a wiser, more pastoral and gifted candidate for the priesthood, and I am so excited for the Episcopal Church. Her ordination will be posted online, so stay tuned for the date and link.

Our monthly Bible Study of the Gospel of Matthew finished up this month, and I would be really interested to hear from people on two topics:

  • What would you like to learn next?
  • Would a different day work better?

We had been using first Tuesdays, and I wonder if first Wednesdays or Sundays after church would be more convenient for people, or if there’s another time that would be preferable. Please let me know! We would likely start up a monthly Adult Ed in either September or October.

I hope God continues to use your gifts to bring love and hope to those around you, and I hope that you feel God’s love and presence in your life. As always, if you would like to talk to me, please call me at 651.341.9629 or email me at If you would like Home Communion, please let me know.

Prayer and blessings,
Mother Pippa