From Mother Pippa 6.10.2020

Join us this Sunday at 9 a.m. for church on Facebook! You can watch live at 9 a.m. or see the recorded service at any time. The website is: The Diocese will continue to offer online services at 10 a.m. throughout the summer, but I confess that I am excited to start streaming services from St. Mary’s. If you are interested in reading at one of these services, please contact Lynn.

As more business, parks and churches open, I’ve been asked when we will return to church. The short answer is: when the Bishop gives us permission. The slightly longer answer is when we are able to meet all the benchmarks and guidelines laid out by the Bishop and the Way Forward Taskforce.
Here’s what I do know – we are closed from in person services until July 5. This very well could be extended, I’m not certain. At some point, we will have permission to start having services with 10 people. This number includes myself, Deacon Chuck, Carrie and any other servers. We have tentatively planned to offer three services a Sunday at that time: one in the Chapel at 8 a.m., one in the Church at 9 a.m. that would also be streamed online; and one outside at 10 a.m., with the backup option of moving into the Parish Hall.

Because of all these complications, we are sending out a survey that poses the question: What makes church church? In order to find out which pieces make worship really feel like worship, we are going to put out a survey in the next week or two. It will include more information about what worship might look like when we can gather in groups of ten (remember that the priest counts as part of that number) and will ask people for their opinion on things like: drive in church (people park in the parking lot and listen to the service); how important it is to hear music vs. sing music; and whether or not you would be interested in attending church in person if it means signing up ahead of time, social distancing and wearing a mask. As we continue to shift and adapt, we want to make sure that we are focusing on what you all find most important, while still complying with the Bishop’s directives. Stay tuned!

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa

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