From Mother Pippa 3.24.2020

As we continue to figure out how to worship and be community by phone and online, I would love your feedback. Would you be interested in a weekday Eucharist (of the spiritual variety)? Or Stations of the Cross? Or an Adult formation class? Or perhaps just a time to see faces and chat on Zoom? What would help right now? Please let me know. I can’t promise to do it all, but I do want to make life a little more connected.


I had a question about when to call, and I’d like you to feel free to call me on my cell phone from between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday – Thursday. My cell phone is 651.341.9629, and I promise to call you back if I’m unable to pick up the phone when you call.


Speaking of being connected, we’ve had 295 views of the services from March 15 and 336 views (including Zoom views) of the services from March 22. Wow! I am really excited and encouraged by the number of people looking for hope and finding it in Jesus. This Sunday, of course, we will join the entire Diocese of Milwaukee in worship at 10 a.m. Before or after, please join me for a St. Mary’s coffee hour on Zoom at: (9 a.m.) or (11 a.m.).


I hope you will also consider Laurie’s wonderful idea for spreading hope and love. She’s calling it: They’ll know we are Christians by our love, after the bible verse and the hymn. She’s encouraging every Christian to place the symbol of the cross, star or the creche outside of their home to proudly claim to their neighbors their continued faith in Christ and our blessed God. If you are able, consider lighting up the symbol and having it shine through the night.

Let us be an example to the world and show that our faith remains strong. Let them know we are Christians by our Love. May God smile down on us and know we still believe in His Son, Our Lord and Savior, who will always see us through and grant us peace.


Finally, I met this week with the committee planning our 150th Anniversary, and we need your help. We are planning to put together a newsletter with information about the history and people of St. Mary’s. So, if you have photos or memories that you’d be willing to share, please send them in! Maybe it’s a person, or an activity or class. Maybe it’s the memory of your first Sunday at St. Mary’s. Please send any and all information to me. I can’t promise everything will end up in the published version, but at least we will have a wonderful collection of history and information at the parish. Additionally, if you have ideas for what we might add to our cornerstone box (being assembled at our celebration together, currently scheduled for September 13), please send those ideas in as well.

You may have seen that we were previously hoping to celebrate May 31 and August 16. Given the current uncertainties, we are now planning to have the history newsletter published in August and an event September 13, though that is subject to rescheduling depending on the recommendations from the CDC, the government and the diocese.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa