From Mother Pippa 3.17.2020

I expect you are heartily sick of hearing about Covid-19, but as the situation seems to change daily or even hourly, we want to make sure that St. Mary’s is supporting best practices for keeping people safe and healthy.


At this point we have no in-person meetings scheduled at St. Mary’s. All meetings are either online or postponed. Likewise, church services will be offered on Facebook live and Zoom until further notice. In case you are curious what tipped the scales towards closing, I spoke with several other clergy from Waukesha County, and we decided that we would close with the school district. At the moment, that means we will be closed through April 3, and perhaps longer.

Unfortunately, this does bring up the real possibility that we will still be worshiping online for Holy Week, and even Easter. The possibility breaks my heart, but it is more important that we keep people safe than for us to gather in person, even at such an important and holy time. Should it be the case that we are not able to gather in person for Easter, our first Sunday back together will be an Easter Sunday celebration. Again, I don’t know that we will have to do this, but I want to prepare you all for the possibility.


Thank you to everyone who learned how to use Zoom or Facebook Live this week. We will continue to work on smoothing things out, and reaching out by phone to people in the parish to make sure they are able to join us for worship if they would like. If you have had any difficulties with the online meeting apps, please let me know and I will connect you with someone who can help you make them work.


Sunday's services will be available on Zoom:

Zoom 8 a.m.
Zoom 10 a.m.
And Facebook Live

On a brighter note, there are updates from the Building Design Team, the Capital Campaign Team and the Sunday School meeting in your bulletin this week. Thank you to everyone for their hard work and flexibility as we continue to do the work and ministry of St. Mary’s!


A blessed Lent to you all, prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa