From Mother Pippa 3.10.2020

Due to the concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus and seasonal flu, I want to address the ways we can work together to stay healthy at St. Mary’s.


I remind you of the following healthy best practices:

- If you are sick, stay home!

- Cover coughs.

- Refrain from touching eyes, nose and face- as it potentially spreads germs.

- Wash hands frequently (and for at least 20 seconds)- especially when touching common items and areas.

- In giving the peace, be aware of options to touch elbows, wave, or use verbal or non-verbal cues with one another. It is not necessary to exchange the peace physically by hugging and shaking hands; a bow or flashing the peace sign is acceptable. Remember until this Book of Common Prayer, the Peace was simply a verbal exchange.

- Since receiving the Eucharist in one kind (either the bread or the wine) is a full communion with Christ, we will be only offering wafers at the altar rail.

- We will not be passing the plate during the offertory. Please put your offering in the plate on your way into or out of church.


At this time we will continue to offer all our usual activities, but please do pay attention to your health and if you are not feeling well, please take care of yourself. I’d rather find a last-minute replacement than have you risk your health.


I hope this helps all of us stay healthy this season!


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa


Holy Week Schedule:

April 5 – Palm Sunday

April 5 – Healing Prayers after Services

April 5 – Easter Egg Hunt (11:15 a.m.)

April 7 – Chrism Mass (11 a.m.)

April 7 – Bible Study (6:30 p.m.)

April 8 – Stations of the Cross with Mary (9:30 a.m.)

April 9 – Maundy Thursday Service (7 p.m.)

April 9-10 – All Night Vigil in Chapel

April 10 – Good Friday Services (noon and 7 p.m.)

April 11 – Youth Group at Gathering (8 – 11 a.m.)

April 11 – Easter Vigil at St. John’s Military Academy (8 p.m.)

April 12 – Easter Sunday