From Mother Pippa 2.25.2020

We are now entering into the season of Lent, and we mark that change in our liturgy and our lives. We will be fasting from color during Lent, specifically, the bulletins will be printed in black and white. Color will return Easter morning.


This Sunday we begin the service with the Great Litany, spoken at 8 a.m. and chanted at 10 a.m. This long list of penitence and prayers is a wonderful way to enter into the Lenten season, I always find something on the list that I need to pay closer attention to in my own life. We will only say the Great Litany this Sunday, the rest of the Sundays in Lent we will begin with the Penitential Order, which includes the Decalogue (or Ten Commandments), the Confession and the Kyrie.


During Lent I would encourage you to think about keeping silence before the service when you are in the Narthex or Nave. Some people take the time for prayer, and it is easier to focus on God in the quiet. I will go and kneel at the Altar Rail five minutes before the start of service, and perhaps we can all try to enter into prayer together. If it feeds your spiritual life, great. If it doesn’t, we can revisit during Easter.


Thank you to everyone who voted either in person or online last Sunday. We had 61 people who voted, and 2/3 (39 people) voted to go forward with the Capital Campaign, which is incredible. We had two votes that were abstentions. In terms of confidence in the current direction of the building plans, 54% voted yes. The plans are, of course, still a work in process. Until we now the resources pledged in the Capital Campaign, we won’t finalize the plans, so input continues to be very welcome. The current conceptual plans represent the best thinking coming out of the Building Team, and we will continue to work and refine the plans based on input and the work of the subcommittees.


Speaking of the subcommittees, the signup sheets will come down after church on Sunday, so the teams can begin their work. Thank you to Julie Wolf for heading up the Kitchen subcommittee and Carol McConnell for taking on the Atrium Exterior subcommittee. I am really excited to see the recommendations of both committees.


The good news continues to be that we agree generally on the pieces that will go into the building project and how they will continue to serve St. Mary’s and support God’s ministry here. We are still revising and adjusting the plans themselves, but it is amazing that 2/3 of the parish are ready to move forward with the Capital Campaign. If you are interested in helping with the Capital Campaign, please let me know.


A blessed Lent to you all,

Mother Pippa