From Mother Pippa 11.26.2019

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the Thanksgiving Baskets! We collected nearly $800 dollars, which meant we were able to give each of our families a generous gift card as well as their groceries. A special thank you to Allen Arndorfer, Jack Hedrick, Henry Hedrick, Alison Hedrick and Elizabeth Hoffman for shopping and delivering the baskets!


Additional thanks to: the decorating team on Sunday, the grounds look amazing; the wonderful volunteers and crafters who participated in the Advent Fair; and everyone who donated items and cards for Deacon Esther’s care package. I sent it out Monday.


The Building Design Team met with the architect this week to revise the building proposal based on the feedback we received from the surveys and information sessions. Please mark your calendars for December 15. Following both service we will present the updated plans to the congregation. In case you are unable to join us December 15, we will have another presentation on Tuesday, December 17 at 6 p.m. The team then plans to let people consider the updated plan prayerfully, and we will vote on whether or not to proceed on Sunday, January 12. There will be a way to vote online should you not be able to attend church that day.


As the weather turns colder, weather closures are a possibility. We will try to always be open on Sundays for church, but if you feel that it is unsafe to drive, please stay home. If events at St. Mary’s are cancelled, we will post the closure on the website and try to email those affected. For a group, that would mean emailing the members, while for a bigger event we would email the whole parish. Additionally, WTMJ will list St. Mary’s event cancellations on their website:

Finally, if you turn up the heat in the Parish Hall, Library or Chapel, please return the thermostat to 55 degrees before you leave. Thank you!


This week’s ministry highlight is about our Acolytes. These ministers light the candles before service, ring the bells at the start and end of the service, process the cross, hold the Gospel Book and help set the table. Open to people ages 10 and up, the acolyte assists at the altar and is an enormous help in the service. We could particularly use some more 8 a.m. acolytes, but have room for more at either service. If you have more questions, please talk to Mother Pippa or any of our current acolytes.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa