From Mother Pippa 10.15.2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Capital Campaign dialogue sessions on Sunday and Tuesday, and thank you to the eight people who have turned in their surveys thus far. You can fill out the survey on our website, you can remove the last page of the mailing we sent out, or you can pick up a survey in the Parish Hall. However you choose, please do fill out a survey and get it back to us by October 22!


We are collecting coats, new underwear and socks for the Hospitality Center from now through November 10. You can drop the items off in the Narthex collection box. Located in Racine, their mission is to “provide hospitality without agenda to those in need or underserved in Racine - the homeless, near homeless and mentally ill.” They offer: a weekly support group for those living with mental illness; a weekly AA meeting; coffee and breakfast Monday through Friday; hot lunch Monday through Friday; a weekly clothing closet; monthly free haircuts; monthly free laundry; and daily morning prayer. This is an amazing ministry offered by the Diocese of Milwaukee, and here’s our chance to help them out!


This Saturday, October 19, your clergy and delegates attended Diocesan Convention. Much like our Annual Meeting, Diocesan Convention is a time for the whole Diocese to gather, to vote on leadership and to hear about the life and ministries of the Diocese of Milwaukee. We will hear reports, pass resolutions, approve the budget and worship together.


Please stop in the Narthex this Sunday to pick up the following: your pledge card (fill it out and bring it back October 27!); your quarterly giving statement; and a pumpkin stencil (carve the design on a pumpkin and bring it back November 3).


Finally, our newsletter will be coming out the beginning of November. If you have an article or photos to submit, please email Kathy Mitchell, myself or Lynn. Thank you so much!


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa