St. Mary's Proposed Capital Campaign


From Mother Pippa:

In these challenging times the Vestry and Building Team think that discussing the growth of this parish could help us look forward to the future, which is why I am attaching the History of the Building Project link below.

To be clear, we are still paused with the building project, and we will not be moving forward until we are able to gather together as a whole group.

Way back in February/March, I had people ask for a more detailed explanation of the history of the building project - what happened in 2003 when we purchased the land, as well as the planning, designing and building of the church in 2008-2010.

The attached document link is merely meant to be an informative recap; we are still pausing the project and are not making decisions on the building at this time. When we are post-Covid, we can start forward again by regathering the sub-committees, launching the Capital Campaign, and continuing to redraw the plans, etc.

However, if you are curious about the history of the building project and the motives of the Building Team, I commend the attached to your attention. Thank you!

To find out more about St. Mary's Proposed Capital Campaign, please click the link below:

Click Here to View St. Mary's Capital Campaign Brochure

Click Here to View St. Mary's History of the Building Project



ATRIUM SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATE:  In the interest of informing our community:  The “atrium” committee has met, discussed some options and is working on some recommendations to send to the Building Committee.  Still a work in progress.  Members of the committee include: Jane P., Barbara R., Carol M., Morgan C., Lori S. and Kathy M.  Carl E. has been a Building Committee member.  Please feel free to talk with any person listed here if you are interested in the details of the project as it is so far.  And, please pray for us as we go forward.