St. Mary's Proposed Capital Campaign


The Design Team met on March 25th and discussed different concepts for the atrium, parish hall, and vestibules and heard an update about the atrium subcommittee. We are also working on a narrative explaining the process and history so far, as well as the next steps going forward. As always, please address any ideas, thoughts, critiques, wonderings or musings to the Design Team members listed below or Mother Pippa. The Design Team Committee

To find out more about St. Mary's Proposed Capital Campaign, please click the link below:

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Design Team Project Team Members:

ATRIUM SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATE:  In the interest of informing our community:  The “atrium” committee has met, discussed some options and is working on some recommendations to send to the Building Committee.  Still a work in progress.  Members of the committee include: Jane P., Barbara R., Carol M., Morgan C., Lori S. and Kathy M..  Carl E. has been a Building Committee member.  Please feel free to talk with any person listed here if you are interested in the details of the project as it is so far.  And, please pray for us as we go forward. 


Capital Campaign Update: The Capital Campaign Team met on Thursday, March 12th, in one of the last face-to-face meetings at St. Mary’s until Covid-19 is more under control. Given the worry and uncertainty facing the world and the stock market at this moment, we have decided to pause for a month. We are starting to recruit a wider team to help with communications, prayer, and celebrations, if you are interested, please talk to Mother Pippa.