From Mother Pippa 9.12.2023

As we contemplate our commitment to St. Mary’s through time, talent and treasure, we are using the stewardship theme of being Rooted in Abundance. This seems particularly appropriate at St. Mary’s as we are blessed with people who give freely of themselves and their resources.

We have had increased costs each year due to inflation, but because of your generosity we have been able meet our obligations, both expected and unexpected.

Expected expenses include:

  • Lynn now works in the office four days a week, which meant we started paying insurance. In 2022, insurance alone was $15,072
  • We fight fungus on our trees ($900), care for our lawn ($504.45), and service our lawn mower annually. ($834.01)
  • This summer we were able to repave the parking lot ($7,895)
  • In the winter we don’t have to shovel our walks or our parking lot. Our snow removal service cost $3,300.17 last winter.
  • Our phone and internet bill increased $50/month between 2022 and 2023. Spectrum is our only option for fast internet in our area, and the change was from $142.96/month in 2022 to $192.96/month in 2023
  • Our electric and gas bill is currently about $750/month
  • Our water is billed quarterly and is about $75/quarter
  • In 2022 our Property Insurance was $5,680
  • In 2022 we also renegotiated our garbage service, it was $1158.16 in 2022
  • Finally, we help support the Diocese with our Diocesan Parochial Assessment. In 2023 our assessment is $39,228.23 for the year.

We have also had unexpected costs. In 2023 so far, that includes:

  • This year we needed an unexpected boiler repair, and have since signed a contract for regular maintenance ($2,449)
  • Our air compressor lost its ability to regulate the pressure in our sprinkler pipes, and needed to be repaired ($862.21)
  • After repeated parish comments, we replaced our cleaner with a service. The annual cost is $11,700, which is an increase of $1527 per year

As we look towards 2024, we have some anticipated expenses, including:

  • Cost of living increases for our staff
  • Increases in costs for health care, utilities, and property insurance
  • Possible repairs to the Chapel Roof
  • Potentially adding air conditioning to the Parish Hall
  • Examining the option of upgrading our Kitchen and making the Parish Hall bathrooms ADA accessible

I have not included all our costs, but I wanted to give you a sense of what has been possible, thanks to your support, and what we think we are looking at for 2024. If it is within your means to support St. Mary’s financially in 2024, please fill out your pledge card and return it October 1. Next week I will detail the in-kind donations we receive, as well as the outreach we support.

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