From Mother Pippa 8.3.2021

Like most people, I am heartily sick of Covid, and yet it is still here. As the cases go up in Waukesha County (and as of Tuesday we were at 132 cases per 100,000 residents), I am forced to reexamine my own habits around distancing and hygiene. At the moment, I am not mandating anything for the church, but I want to explain what I will be doing and strongly recommend that people think about what makes sense for them and their family. I am using the CDC tracking website: for my data.

You may have noticed that I masked last week for the Liturgy of the Table. I plan to continue to do this, and the individual communion cups are here to stay for the foreseeable future. I continue to wave during the Peace, and will not be passing the offertory plate during the service. In my own life I plan to mask when out in public, as I often visit parishioners in their homes and don’t want to be a disease vector.

While this is all quite disheartening and frustrating, I am holding on to the hope we have. Beyond the Christian hope that is ours by virtue of our baptism, I am also so grateful to have the hand sanitizer and masks I need to help keep myself and others a bit safer. Sunny Turner’s funeral is coming up August 13, and we have already had Patty Lindert’s, but they were our only two parishioners to die of Covid last year. I don’t want to add to that number, and find that, for me, masking and distancing are quite manageable.

Again, I am not mandating anything at Church, though if the numbers continue to climb that is a possibility. I am just asking you to prayerfully consider what makes sense for you.

In lighter news, remember that August 15 is St. Mary’s Day and we will have one service at 9 a.m. followed by a potluck. We’ll open the doors for air flow and enjoy time spent together.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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