From Mother Pippa 6.14.2022

Happy Father’s Day to all who are fathers and to all who father. You are appreciated! Following both services on Sunday, please pick up a piece of fudge.

Thanks to Carol Chase for a super fun Kayak Trip last Saturday! We spent two hours on the Bark River, and it was a delight. Our next Kayak Trip is scheduled for July 23. When you sign up, please indicate if you would like to come at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. or if both times work for you. Depending on the water depth, we will either kayak the Bark River again, or spend time on Lower and Upper Nemahbin.

I want to thank everyone who is currently pledged to making Strawberry Fest a success!
Thank you to the nineteen businesses and families who have sponsored Strawberry Fest. If you would like to be a sponsor, your last chance is this Sunday. Our sponsors help us defray the cost of the event, so that we are able to donate more money to St. Marc’s in Jeanette.
Thank Maggie, Jane, Judy, Auk, Janet, Barb L., Barb R. and Diane for hulling, washing, chopping and freezing an astonishing 15 flats of strawberries! You all showed up and helped prepare the strawberries to top our shortcake, schaum torte, rum cake, sundaes and shakes. Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bake shortcake, schaum torte and rum cake, as well as everyone who is donating to the bake sale!
If you have signed up to volunteer either for set up (on Saturday, June 25) or for Strawberry Fest itself, thank you! If you plan to be around that day and help, but haven’t yet signed up, please do, it really helps me plan. I will be soliciting volunteers at both services this Sunday.
Finally, thank you to all the vendors who will be joining us for Strawberry Fest. They include: Tastefully Simple, Lo Duca Wines, Pinecone Flower Art, Bernardo’s Foods, Scrappy Creations, Art & Jewelry, Yard Art, Plants and Pies & Quiche.

On another topic entirely, this Fall, the Diocese is planning to offer Education for Ministry. EfM is a program of group study with the purpose of developing a richer foundation for our life and ministry together. EfM’s four-year cycle covers Hebrew Scriptures, the Christian Testament, Church History and Theology. The program was developed by the School of Theology at University of the South ( If you are interested in learning more and signing up either for the Zoom class or the in person class (at St. Aidan’s), please let me know. Education for Ministry is a wonderful program that helps you deepen and grow in your faith.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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