From Mother Pippa 6.1.2021

From Mother Pippa

Welcome to Ordinary Time! After moving from Advent to Christmas to Epiphany to Lent and Easter, we are now in the longest season of the year – Ordinary Time. I confess that as much as I love the church seasons, Ordinary Time holds a special place in my heart. After all, so much of our lives is figuring out how to live within normalcy and mundaneness. We are charged with finding, loving and following God not just at the apexes and nadirs of life but in the, well, ordinary times as well. Additionally, our readings during Ordinary Time tend to be more sequential. We will hear the gospel and epistles in a steadier order, without all the interruptions from various feast days.

Of course, there is still a great deal going on. We have three sign ups available at Coffee Hour (which we are now having outside!). One is for helping with Strawberry Fest on Sunday, June 27. As a side note, please donate and get your orders in so we know how many shortcakes, rum cakes and schaum tortes to make! We also need volunteers to help greet, dish up and deliver people’s orders.

A second sign up is to help with the Beds and Bushes committee, or the lawn maintenance. Whether you love flowers or perfectly trimmed grass, St. Mary’s has lots of opportunities to be out in nature, surrounded by beauty.
The third sign up sheet is to schedule ministry for July – September. Please sign up on dates you will be gone (or email Lynn) so that we don’t schedule you when you are unavailable.

You may have noticed the cones in the parking lot. While perhaps we put them up a bit prematurely, they represent three possible sizes of the new Parish Hall, as well as the current dimensions. The Building Team is working on a brochure that includes three possible drawings, and we thought it might be helpful to have a physical representation of the sizes involved. To be clear, none of the designs expects the Parish Hall to move. We have outlined the spaces in the Parking Lot for ease of viewing, but that is not where the structure would be built. If you have any questions, please talk to Mother Pippa, or any member of the Building Team.

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa

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