From Mother Pippa 5.10.2022

From Mother Pippa

It seems as if Spring is finally here, the flowers are blooming, and our grounds look amazing thanks to our mowers, Beds and Bushes team, and some professional help mulching. Now it’s time to make our buildings shine. That’s right, it’s Clean Up Sunday!
Please hang around after the service to help clean our buildings. There are index cards in the Parish Hall that each bear a cleaning task. Please take a card, along with the appropriate supplies, and get to work! Together we can keep our building looking sharp and cared for.

As part of our ongoing formation, we have access to RightNow Media. This is an online library of tens of thousands of videos that cover a variety of topics, and have content for all ages. I hope you will respond to the link sent out this Sunday and set up an account. You can share your access with family and friends, and we will also use the resources in our education at St. Mary’s. Hopefully this will give all of us more options to help us explore and grow in our faiths. I am really excited to watch their lectures on the books of the Bible, and can’t wait to discover new things. Most of the programs are quite short, and are a jumping off point for discussion. You might find some talks that really resonate with you. Others you may disagree with. I hope you explore and continue to test and grow your faith as you journey through life with God.
In terms of the kids’ programs, they offer VeggieTales and SuperBook among many more. I confess that I will probably watch both myself – they are such a creative way to approach the biblical lessons.

Our first Adopt a Highway is coming up fast. Please sign up and join Jim and company on Saturday, May 21.
Graduate Sunday is May 22, please submit the names of graduates to the office so we can celebrate with them.
May 22 is also our final movie – Inside Out. Join us at 11:30 a.m. at Emmanuel UCC.
June 5 is Pentecost. If you would like to read Acts 2 in another language, please sign up in the Parish Hall.
June 11 we are going kayaking. Sign up to enjoy beautiful Wisconsin lakes and streams.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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