From Mother Pippa 4.25.2023

April is coming to a close, and May is fast approaching. As the days grow brighter and the flowers pop out of the ground, I find myself reflecting on my ministry and gifts and call. Spring is often a time when I feel like taking on something new, and this year I am signed up to help with meals and fellowship for Family Promise. Have you felt a call to ministry? Maybe it’s reading in church, or helping with communion? Would you like to learn more about the way we set up for church with Altar Guild or serve during the service as an acolyte? Or perhaps you would love to help Outreach direct our fundraisers and service opportunities. I hope you always feel welcome to join any group at St. Mary’s, and if you need help getting started, I would be too delighted to help you out. Please feel free to talk to me if you feel any nudges from the Spirit about your ministry and vocation.

One possible ministry might be helping with funerals. Recently I have been sending cookie calls out to the whole parish and then emailing past volunteers to help with funeral receptions. Instead of such an ad hoc approach, I am posting a Funeral Help Sign Up sheet. The idea is that we would contact as only as many people as needed. For instance, if we know it’s a smaller funeral, we might ask three people to make 2 dozen cookies each, rather than emailing the whole parish and being flooded with cookies. Likewise, we can rotate through the people who are willing to help with set up and clean up and not keep asking the same people over and over again. If you are interested in joining this Rota, please sign up!

We are also asking for volunteers to help with the May 6 Highway Cleanup. It’s a lovely mile and a half walk from the Miller Mobility parking lot (36336 N Summit Village Way, Oconomowoc) to the Summit Park And Ride (35080 Delafield Rd, Oconomowoc). Please sign up if you are planning to join the group! Jim L. will provide trash bags and safety vests for all volunteers.

Thank you for being such a wonderful, faithful, and lovely group of people.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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