From Mother Pippa 3.8.2022

This Sunday is the start of Daylight Saving! I hope you set your clocks forward an hour on Saturday evening, or you’ll be an hour late to service. This marks two years since the beginning of our Covid shutdown, and I believe that we are beginning to see glimmers of hope. The infection rate in Waukesha County is the lowest I’ve seen since June of 2020, and as such, we are ready to start passing the collection plates again and shake hands at the peace. Should you prefer not to shake hands, please feel free to not extend your hand, and I ask all parishioners to pay attention to such signals.

Wednesday nights we have our worship, supper and class. I hope you will join us in prayer and fellowship, and then stay to learn about the tradition of Anglican Prayer beads. We’ll craft our beads over the next two weeks and then learn about praying with them. We often engage the senses in prayer: with visual icons, with sweet smelling incense, with beautiful music, with bread and wine. We can also invoke the sense of touch, running our fingers over prayer beads as we repeat our prayers.

In addition to formation opportunities, we also have a fellowship event coming up. Join us for Bingo and Chili on Saturday, March 26 from 4 – 6 p.m. We will have candy prizes for our winners, and everyone will be welcome to eat some award-winning chili at 6 p.m. I hope you will join us!

As you reflect during this Lenten season, I wanted to offer a reflection on stewardship. Thinking about how we use our time and resources is foundational to Lent, and this year’s TENS program, More than Enough, has this to offer:
“The process of letting go of something that once added value to our lives can be uncomfortable, even painful. In letting go of old patterns that no longer serve us, we make space for new, healthier ones. The Lenten season is an excellent time for recentering, reevaluating, and recommitting to letting go of whatever it is that holds us back from living a fuller life. We all deserve to make space for ourselves.”

Prayers and Blessings to you this Lent,
Mother Pippa

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