From Mother Pippa 6.3.2020

On Tuesday, exactly one year ago, I first celebrated Eucharist at St. Mary’s. A year later, I am still so delighted and grateful that I get to be a part of this fantastic community. While I admit that I did not foresee the Pandemic turn of events, I will say that people’s response, patience and kindness during these trying times have affirmed what I hoped when I first arrived – the people of St. Mary’s are kind, faithful and service-minded.

From Mother Pippa 5.27.2020

We are volunteering at the Gathering this Saturday, and if you plan to volunteer, please contact Jim Lemerand. They are currently assembling and distributing to-go meals. We have four volunteers signed up to go, and have room for one or two more. You must be healthy, and all volunteers will be required to wear a mask.  If they don't have one, the Gathering have some to provide. The volunteer time is 10:00-12:45. 


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