Rector Transition

*St. Mary's is currently in the process of conducting a new Rector search.  As we go through the process of calling our new Rector, please keep St. Mary's in your prayers.  This site will be updated as St. Mary's goes through the Discernment Process.  


Gracious God, who knows our needs even before we ask, Grant us the wisdom and grace to do Your Will as we seek a new rector.  Bless us with clear eyes, listening ears, and discerning minds.  Speak to all our hearts and the heart of our new rector so that we may discover our mutual path toward fulfilling Your Will for St. Mary's and the community we serve.  We ask this prayer united in faith and love, in the name of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


The Vestry has decided to assume the responsibility of the Discernment Committee.  This is a model that has successfully been followed and recommended since the Vestry is charged with making the final decision as the governing body of the parish.  It will save a step and with modern technolgy, will help us gain information regarding potential candidates much more quickly and efficiently. Contact the members by simply clicking on their names to send them an email message.  The Discernment Committee is composed of the following:

Pam Ferguson

Mary-Beth Esser

Carl Eschweiler

Chris O'Konek

Tom Arndorfer

Noelle Bryant-Nanz

Lindsey Ricciardi

John Wolf

Sally Williams


Use the links below for detailed descriptions of the ongoing progress of the Discernment Committee:

St. Mary's Ministry Portfolio

Timeline & Agenda

St. Mary's Accomplishments

Welcome Mother LaRae & Father Mark Rutenbar!

Pastoral Emergencies

Progress Report I  - 7.1.18 

Progress Report II - 7.8.18

Progress Report II - 7.15.18

Progress Report III - 7.22.18

Progress Report IV - 7.29.18

Progress Report V - 8.5.18

Progress Report VI - 8.12.18

Progress Report VII - 8.19.18

Progress Report VIII - 8.26.18

Progress Report IX - 9.2.18

Progress Report XI - 9.9.18

Progress Report XII - 9.16.18

Progress Report XIII - 9.23.18

Progress Report XIV - 10.21.18

Progress Report XV - 11.18.18

Progress Report XVI - 2.10.19

Progress Report XVII - 3.10.19

Focus Group Questions 1-4 from 7.15.18 Session