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From Mother Pippa 5.21.2024

From Mother Pippa We are celebrating our graduates this Sunday! Thank you to everyone who has sent in the names of their family and friends who are graduating this year. We applaud your accomplishments and wish you every blessing as you move on to the next chapter. Would you like to create some beautiful prints […]

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From Mother Pippa 5.14.2024

This Sunday is Pentecost, one of the three most important days in the church year! The first one, of course, is Christmas, with the Incarnation. The second is Easter, with the Resurrection. The third is Pentecost, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am continually in awe of this. It wasn’t enough for God

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From Mother Pippa 5.7.2024

I would like to start with gratitude. Gratitude for all who have served as mothering-figures in peoples’ lives, gratitude for the men of the parish for hosting coffee hour this Sunday, and gratitude for everyone who stayed after church last Sunday to clean a window or polish a pew. The church absolutely gleams thanks to

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From Mother Pippa

Sunday is our annual Bike Blessing at 9 a.m. As the weather turns warmer and you find yourself traveling by bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, roller blades, etc., I have a blessing to keep you safe in your journey. Sunday is also our annual Clean Up Sunday. I have high hopes that our windows inside and out

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From Mother Pippa 4.16.2024

We are approaching the halfway point of the Easter season. Our Gospel readings now switch from stories of Easter Day to the identity of Jesus – those famous “I am” statements in the Gospel of John. What is your identity? If you were to craft some statements such as “I am the good shepherd,” “I

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From Mother Pippa 3.27.2024

Happy Easter! After 40 (or 46) days of preparation, we arrived at victory, at triumph, at resurrection! Today is the archetype for the rest of our Sunday celebrations – an affirmation that God’s love is stronger than our hate, violence and death. Today we join Mary, looking for God, only to have God call us

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From Mother Pippa 3.19.2024

Palm Sunday is our first step into Holy Week. After forty days of preparing and fasting, we enter into the action of processions, last words, arrests and trials. We remember in real time the events of Jesus’ last week before he died. We commemorate his welcome into Jerusalem, his refusal to be the expected Messiah,

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