From Mother Pippa 9.27.2022

We have kicked off our Life Events Planning classes. Last Sunday Sherry from Pro-Health Hospice came to talk about options to have hospice care at home, in assisted living, in the hospital or in a residential program like Angel’s Grace. We learned a lot about what is possible, and some questions to ask as you …

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Sessions at 7 PM at Delafield Brewhaus:
Wednesday, September 28
Wednesday, October 26
Wednesday, November 30


Hospice Care: Sunday, September 25 at 9 AM
Emotional Resiliency: Monday, October 3 at 6 PM
Living Wills: Monday, October 10 at 6 PM
Funeral Planning: Monday, October 17 at t PM

From Mother Pippa 9.20.2022

We are officially into fall, and our calendar continues to offer all sorts of events. This Sunday we welcome Sherry from Angel’s Grace to tell us about Hospice Care. While we might prefer to deny that we or our loved ones might ever need such care, as Christians, we acknowledge that death is a part …

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From Mother Pippa 9.13.2022

I confess that during stewardship, I struggle with talking plainly about money. Along with politics and religion, money seems to be a taboo topic, and certainly the decisions we make on how to spend our money are deeply personal ones. As I squirm in my seat, however, I am reminded of the example and theology …

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From Mother Pippa 9.6.2022

From Mother Pippa This Sunday is the Kick Off to the program year. Our formation offerings often tie in to the academic year, and so Sunday sees the return of Choir, Sunday Adult Education (at 9 a.m.) and Sunday School (at 10 a.m.). Our Wednesday morning class kicks off on September 21, and we will …

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From Mother Pippa 8.30.2022

I confess that I frequently get caught in the delusion that at some point church will “slow down.” I don’t know why, after all, Jesus repeatedly compared the kingdom of God to yeast and weeds and other things that quickly spring up and overtake their surroundings. It’s a gift. One I am reminded of as …

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From Mother Pippa 8.23.2022

Summer might technically continue into September, but I confess I have always felt it come to a close in August. The rhythm of the year shifts towards the academic or program year and I move from focusing on fun vacations to the energy and bustle of “normal.” So this Sunday is our last scheduled outdoor …

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From Mother Pippa 8.16.2022

This Sunday we are (weather permitting) worshipping by the river at 8 a.m. Please pick up a folding chair by the shed or bring your own lawn chair. If it is difficult to walk down to the river, you may drive your car behind the shed and over to the outdoor altar. Should the weather …

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From Mother Pippa 8.9.2022

Happy St. Mary’s Day! Given our particular patron saint, we actually have a multitude of options for celebrating our saint (I know of at least nineteen feast days for Mary throughout the year). Some are about her identity (Holy Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady …

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