From Mother Pippa 9.5.2023

It is the beginning of the program year, and I would like to begin by welcoming Deacon Ryan to St. Mary’s! Deacon Ryan Delaney is a transitional deacon, meaning that he is called to the priesthood and will be ordained sometime in 2024. At that point, we will likely loose Deacon Ryan to his new parish, but I am delighted to serve with him this fall and winter. Deacon Ryan will be serving at the altar, preaching, teaching and otherwise preparing himself for his ministry. Welcome also to Jordan Delaney, Deacon Ryan’s wife. Deacon Ryan and Jordan have been attending St. Mary’s for the last several months, and now Deacon Ryan will be serving as a deacon at St. Mary’s.

I am continuing to brainstorm ways to help develop faith for all ages, and am putting together a program called Faith at Home. I am hoping to have seasonal packets with prayers, stories and activities to help focus faith and provide rituals for Christian life in the home. Do you have prayers you love? Or seasonal traditions or activities? Is there a particular story or quotation that has deep meaning in your life? Please share them with me as I work to put these packets together. We are planning to offer a children’s sermon each Sunday that we have kids, as well as supporting development and formation with these packets.

Hopefully you will soon receive (or have already received) an invitation to Prayers & Picnic on the Prairie. This summer Marit, JR, Craig and a number of volunteers have worked incredibly hard, building off of Ted’s work on the prairieland at St. Mary’s. They have pulled buckthorn, honeysuckle, knapweed, thistles, and goldenrod. We also have a newly mown path across the back five acres of the church property. On Sunday, October 8, we are going to celebrate their work and our gorgeous outdoors. We will set up a tent and worship together at 9 a.m. and bless this outdoor space. We will have drivers bring people from the parking lot on highway 18 to the altar by the river. After church we will have a potluck in the beautiful outdoors. If you are able to help with set up, driving people or clean up, please sign up in the Parish Hall. Please bring a dish to share, and if you know what you will bring, please sign up in the Parish Hall. Thank you!

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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