From Mother Pippa 5.9.2023

Springtime often inspires cleaning and organization, and that has certainly been true at St. Mary’s over the last few weeks. Our hunt for new cleaners began in February, and we have achieved success as of April 29. Next, Craig and John took everything out of the Supply Closet in the Parish Hall, added new shelves and reorganized our Boiler Room. JR sanded and refinished the outdoor altar, while Marit wrote a successful grant to tackle some of the invasive plants outside and to add some more native species. Kathy then cleaned out the closet in the chapel (including doing some vacuuming) and Lynn topped it off by clearing out the cabinet by the office and sorting the contents. Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep St. Mary’s organized and tidy!

Sunday is Mother’s Day – a day when give thanks for the people who have loved and mentored us in our lives, whether they be our biological mothers or beloved friends and family. As is our tradition, we will have carnations as a thank you to all who are mothers or offer their love and care to others.

Sunday is also our last day with Matt Phillips, our Seminarian. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with Matt this year, and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Matt, hearing his sermons and learning about different ways to pray. Matt has one more year of school before he graduates, please keep him in your prayers!

The Strawberry Fest Sign-Up is getting new names each week, thank you! For those who have not yet signed up, please do so sooner rather than later. The quicker we know who is available, the sooner we are able to seek out volunteers for any gaps we may have. I hope everyone will pray for good weather on June 25, it makes the day a lot more fun.

If you want to have your own St. Mary’s t-shirt, please let me know what size to order! We have a sign-up sheet on the Parish Hall bulletin board. T-shirts should be about $10 per person and will be red with our logo on the front. One goal for this year is to get out into our community and raise our visibility. These shirts should help us stand out as we are out and about in Lake Country.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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