From Mother Pippa 2.7.2023

I hope you are all well, and enjoying the lovely sunshine we’ve had, while still bundling up against the cold. I have been watching the weather through my window, and really enjoy seeing the sun glint off the snow.

As you know, I fell on January 27 and broke my ankle. In fact, I broke my ankle in three places and dislocated it. When I was able to see the orthopedic doctor, she discovered I had re-dislocated the ankle and so I went in for surgery to have bolts put in my leg to hold the bones in place. On Wednesday, February 8, I went in for a second surgery to remove the bolts and pin my ankle back into place. I am writing this before my second surgery, and am hoping everything went smoothly.

As I sit in my chair and elevate my ankle, I am reminded at how dependent we are – on one another and on God. My parents drove from Minnesota to help and I am so grateful. You all packed up delicious food from the Annual Meeting and sent it over so I didn’t have to cook. Father Scott reached out and connected me with Father Hal Lee Hayak. Father Scott also stepped forward to offer liturgical pastoral care and Deacon Chuck is likewise offering pastoral care. I am so deeply thankful for the ways people have reached out with their thoughts, prayers, offers of help, and ideas of how to continue life as St. Mary’s. The good news is that we are a strong parish and are managing well while I sit at home and look at my ankle.

The season of Epiphany is full of revelations – God telling us the nature of God through the life and ministry of Jesus. I am trying to take this time to see God’s work in my life and to give thanks for the ways we all work together to build up the kingdom of God.

Prayers and Blessings and Thanksgivings,
Mother Pippa

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